To upgrade or not to upgrade

My currently server (where this blog and others are) is getting death for moments. It's old, very old Macmini (the first G4) who Apple do so, at least it's 4 years old (I think it was created on october 2009).

The system who is currently working on it its a Tiger (10.4.11) Server with all his faults. And old Apache with PHP5, mail server and ftp server too. So I think it's time to buy a new Macmini (an Intel one) and put on it Leopard Server (or Snow Leopard Server) because I want to test Podcast Producer Server for my current proyect.

But... maybe I can install Leopard Server on my current Macmini and work with it too. But there's lot of hardware problems on it... and (the most important) it's that if something it's working... don't touch it.

I must do something.... but what?

First public Keynote, OK

The first public keynote works fine. The presentation was good, there was lot of people interesting in IU proyect and (I think) lot of them will work on it. Only ones thinks about kill the proyect, but it was easy, others wants to do it and kill them. It's like social blog when there's some troll who always come to cry others and at last others will get out this troll.

Now, we are on phase 4. Work.

ĦAh! of course. A good friend told me about be careful with Apple... I will take it.

First public Keynote

This friday is one of my first public keynotes about IU to everyone on my job. I must go to a campus who it's outside my city to speak... I'm not sure, but at least too much people. I'm not really sure how many people will be there.

I'm not nervous because it's not my first keynote but this is very important. I was working on this presentation since last friday, when on my work we decided that I will do some kind of peregrination to tell everybody about the IU proyect.

After asking how this city is and how people of that campus are, maybe it will be easy because about all people in my work these are the most "Apple friendly" (one ask me if I will go with a Mac or a PC). So, If I go there in a Jobs style it will be easy that more people will join me.

After it, maybe (and I say maybe) I will put here the keynote file... or not... because maybe (and I say maybe) there's others looking here for ideas.

Pato pato pato

Kill me, please

IU really near


After too much work the IU proyect it's near his "end" because it will be out in october. So that's why I can show you a little more about it.

Now it's time to make some kind of content for this, but it will be not my work.. that's others work. My work its finished... for now.

But, today... I think I'm glad to present all you two important links, normal version and iPhone version (optimiced for it) of IU proyect. I expect to show you the really important link... in a short period of time.


Spanish vs English

I'm not sure if I like the spanish version or the english one with Falco.

But world it's full of versions... like this.

From Chemical Brothers, Salomon dance.

I work in Burger King


Working in progress.... please wait

Don't worry I have not forgoten all of you. Simply I have too much work to do in my new situation.

Three important thing must be done before this month ends, so I have no time to write here or tell you about world around me and how it need to be changed.

The only think that I always say it's about other education and how others think how much important are for everybody when they only think how much important are for himselfs.

But one thing I must learn... Time... will tell

Education for hire

I have gone to the supermarket to buy what I will eat today. Nothing important, mushrooms and about. But the most important it's that we are almost in summer, so many people are on holidays.

Yes, people actually are on holidays because in Spain there some kind of habit (new) that make people go on holidays in august and in september. So, in the Supermarket there was the half of people who work there. What a problem!, because if you are going to pay there's only one cashier and not two or more. Well, really that's not a problem, you only will wait at least, one minute more. But people need education.

Two old ones (a man and a woman) begin to insult people who work there because they are waiting in the line. Other begin (me too) to see them like crazy ones, but they don't stop. The most important, one of them is a retired and the other is an old housewife, so there are people who waste time.

Young people (well, like me...) don't say anything and wait. The supermarket open another cash machine, but they continue insulting everything without any education.

So, I think two things. First, patience is one of the first think everyone must know and have. Patience is very important because you can't cry to others because you don't know the others situation, so if you don't have patience you are egoist. Second, what education these people will do to others. Yes, I think these "ones" at least have one child, and, as you know, children know about education in terms that what their parents do, so.. if parents are misseducated, children will be, and children of this children will be too, and... if educated ones don't have children or don't have enought children well educated, at least world will be a misseducated place.

So, at least... are you educated or misseducated?.


Or you can see it on vimeo, if you like.