Three types or classes of widgets. I’m not sure what fix better… Let’s work on them.

I’m working in a new wordpress theme for strascast. Now there’s only Photoshop version of things that are in my mind…. but time will tell. I think it will be […]

If you are a designer whom installed WordPress and you doesn’t know how to handle it because all you know about html, css, php and around it’s iWeb… you must […]

Time ago I was looking for an e-commerce theme for WordPress that help me to develop websites faster. I was coding one, but after a short search SimpleCart(js) is the […]

I know that I’m not the only who hasn’t imagination, but at least I know a little CSS for do some tricks to my WordPress Theme. But for the others, […]

And, the last for today is something that people who always make a blog need… some wordpress plugins for your ads. Because money it’s all, and you only think on […]