There’s a step that you always must do before starting a project. The step is called: inspiration. So, before starting a web, you must see what others do. This is […]

Everyone knows (and if you don’t know you will know now) that this wordpress blog have a no very rare theme with a little changes (some shadows, some extras). Because […]

There’s places where you can have a look when you are stopped in a project. There are places to have a look. Link: Speckyboy

Horizontal web

When you think on doing a web you always thing in a vertical storyboard because webpages and navigators see things on vertical. But it’s nice to see in a horizontal […]

Yes, forms is always the nightmare of designers… they usually think how to make a beautiful webpages but, when their encounter a form all his design go to hell. So […]

Create a Grid in CSS

There’s some phases on a web designer. First you will begin to know what HTML is writing your first “hello world” on a basic text editor. Second, you use some […]

There’s a new mode in web creation. I’m not talking about Web 2.0, this insane kind of focus in the web style that no one know what really is… because… […]

Web 2.0 is dead, the new ways to navigate it’s to create some kind of “visual navigation” like the video above. Link: Andreaslutz