As I have told you so many times that I have no fingers in my hands to tell them, the universe is a living being where, all its parts, have […]

According to Larry Molnar, a Calvin College professor, for 2022 we will witness firsthand a relevant fact in the history of astronomy. It seems that in the constellation Cignus there […]


I know this because I have spoken and much, especially because the Orion Nebula (which is located in the “belt” said constellation) is the have gone through the stone (in […]


The image you see is SN2016adj, a supernova that exploded recently in the Centauri A galaxy, known as NGC 5128. Although you may not believe, all eyes are on Earth […]

Puppis A (which you see in the picture) was a supernova that is 7000 years light exploded here and 10 thousand years now, 3500 years ago in light of its […]