No, no aliens, no ghost, no magic or anything else. This is a natural event when on the upper layers of our atmosphere are fully with water cristal (common name: […]


Our star, the Sun, is not very large compared to what we can find in our visible universe. It has a radius of around 650,000 kilometers, making it a star […]


But as you know and I tell you, yesterday there was a major eclipse visible only in the southern hemisphere. To be exact, in French Polynesia. An eclipse is simply […]


Physical, lucky for some and unfortunately for others, it is everywhere in our lives. A clear example is the image which can be calm because the sun does not happen […]


It is time to put something a little more “physical” about the boobs I usually count every day and that is, the image you see may be called “all the […]


Who would have thought that at this stage of life would achieve have a perennial space settlement orbiting our planet, but there it is, the International Space Station. A pileup […]