I will never finish marveling enough to observe, on clean nights, the sky and, always try to glimpse the Milky Way (or at least the axis of it). Almost 2 […]


As I have already said many times, what you see in the picture is no areas without many stars as around areas but cosmic dust absorbing the backlight and create […]


A 2500 light years is a star cluster called NGC 2264, also known as “the Christmas tree”. With around 40 stars, it is formed by ionized gas that gives us […]


On 20 January this year an Atlas V (rocket) launched into orbit a military satellite from Cape Canaveral. The curious thing about this picture is that at launch, from where […]


In the Eagle Nebula, also known as the M16 located at 6500 light years away and you can see with simple binoculars, we can highlight those dark clumps of gas […]


Alpha Leonis, better known as Regulus A (I know someone who knows and remembers an area in Star Trek Online game called so, just this star) is the brightest star […]