If you have noticed, when I speak of elements in our universe I speak of galaxies, stars, nebulae … and then I give their definition or number of object. In […]

In the past (and even by many people) it has been thought that the universe was something static, something that did not change. The stars have always been there and […]

Today, in my leisure time, I want to talk about a very silly nonsense: the dimension of a base in algebra. This concept is well known by all because it […]

Today I’m looking at how NASA is taking advantage of the movie “Passangers”, to explain future methods of sending probes out of our solar system. This problem, as they indicate, […]

Although I have not talked for a long time and try to explain, in the best possible way, about the universe and what is not around, I think that today […]

The E nebula or Barnard 142 nebula, an area of ​​cosmic dust that avoids light from the stars behind it is located in the constellation of the Eagle. About 2,000 […]

What you see is the galaxy I Zwicky 18 located 60 million light years from our beloved solar system. A distance a little large because it is not in the […]