This is very interesting because, according to a study published on June 23 on Nature about fluidomechanics (in fact it is called mechanical magneto) of the coronary ejections of the […]


As denialists of climate change use it as an excuse, arguing that if they do not know who gets the message is as ignorant as them, our star has cycles. […]


I have never spoken of solar sails is that there is an idea (running) thrust is to harness solar winds like the old sailboats to push small loads (not think […]


Venus, Mercury after the closest planet to the Sun and the brightest in the sky at dawn to reflect much of the sunlight star. In the picture you can see […]


Normally usually I put “modern” in the meaning of images that have been taken in the last 10 years (approximately). Today I bring you a favorite image of the Voyager […]