How did we, tiny creatures living on that speck of dust, ever manage to figure out how to send spacecraft out among the stars of the Milky Way? Only a […]

Today I want to comment on a process that happens on the earth and is very interesting, the so-called Hadley cell. The Hadley cell is the set of convection currents […]

Curious that the other day, Cosmos the TV series, I speak of these great and fantastic women, pillar of astrophysics demonstrating the maleness that existed and exists everywhere. Of all […]


Today I will talk about the Coriolis effect, that we all know by flushing the water but in the end, many do not know the reason for it. As the […]


Today is the spring equinox, where, physically speaking will be the day when the sun reaches the highest point. As you know, our orbit (the Earth) is an ellipse in […]

This morning as I becomes a person with my first dose of coffee, I have been pleasantly surprised to see the news (the news, come on) and observe information 10 […]


When I was young until it hated race electromagnetism. Even in the race itself, the subject that I did not much introduction for me love this facet of science. Fortunately, […]