Cassini-Huygens images

Here they are some images from the Cassini-Huygens, a project between NASA, ESA and ASI to study Saturn, so here are some Saturn images.


Whenever I say that auroras are a very common phenomenon in virtually any planet that has magnetic field. An example, Saturn with its rings (and auroras). That image (which is […]


Prometheus is not just the name of a bad movie Alien sequel which will be out soon in the cinema it is one of the satellites of Saturn Cassini has […]


We are normally very used to seeing other stars, planets or elements of the universe from the perspective of our planet. Obviously, we live in and that, in principle, is […]


I have talked a lot about the auroras, the phenomenon is due to the magnetosphere of a planet and radiation of our sun that makes energetic charged particles from the […]


I’m usually quite heavy with auroras (here known as the aurora borealis), phenomena of the planet’s magnetosphere (in our case the Earth) against the electrically charged particles from the sun. […]