With the rise in the price of energy I want to talk about something of which I am not an expert but that is making me very funny: alternative energies. […]


“You can’t install this version on your computer“. Thanks Apple, your operating system is the only I know witch it occurs.

This morning as I becomes a person with my first dose of coffee, I have been pleasantly surprised to see the news (the news, come on) and observe information 10 […]

Squaring the circle

Be a real programmer or a real IT developer usually means the same. Every day a new problem who you must resolve without any documentation or anything else. So, if […]

In case of emergency

Ok. Everybody knows that I buyed a Drobo time ago. And it works fine until today… because I need the firewire cable to change some partitions of my laptop… and […]

I’m not quite sure why, but in other catastrophes like the Haiti one they will have no influence on myself, but this have take out my heart. Not sure why, […]