The image that I show you today is not as spectacular as yesterday but if it has the same importance. This is an image of the Titan by Cassini probe, […]


I wanted to have left this for the July 4 (not the day of independence or bad movies of Martians), but the photo of the Juno probe to Jupiter approaching […]


Given that I have a couple of days getting bored people and although today had thought or talk about because space is curved with another thought experiment or give an […]


On 10 March 2006 the MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) reached the orbit of Mars. And what is the mission or because of this probe was launched?, because deep appreciation for […]


The European probe Huygens lands on Titan, one of Saturn’s satellites in 2005. A piece of the Cassini probe sent to know a little more of Saturn and its surroundings. […]


This figure, which does not understand and I give a round cucumber is much more important than we may think. This is the graph of the sensors of the Voyager […]