Another intro for another podcast… I like to try with tint plugin and blur because you can find something interesting. This intro is not complete it need something more… but […]

As an old petition from someone above me from another company I have “retake” the iPhone Develop podcast that I do time ago. It will be nice to be the […]

It’s curious. On the iTunes U site of my work I have do the most downloaded podcast. It’s about iMovie and it’s nothing special. So, I was thinking about do […]

This is part of a small podcast about OSX Server (sorry is in spanish) that I made for the Canal #Mac. Maybe, later it will be on the iTunes U […]

These days I work in a podcast/tutorial about OSX Server. Ok, I haven’t post here because are in spanish and I’m the worst podcaster of the world, but I think […]

As I have a new Macmini Server (an Intel one) I was able to do a OSX Server Podcast, because all you can find it’s OSX podcast and no Server […]