Lawrence M. Krauss

Although we all know, to a greater or lesser extent, physicists like Carl Sagan, Einstein, Hawking or Neil deGrasse mainly for their fame on television, modern physics is full of […]

Today I want to talk about something that, I’ve been spinning all night about how to explain it, the quantum entanglement. Particularly you have heard many explanations about it, the […]


As I pointed out, William George Unruh, better known as, Bill Unruh is a little-known but quite important Canadian physicist, and now you will hear him much more because he, […]


As promised, so today I will talk about the so-called “habitable zone”. The habitable zone or habitable zone is an area around any star where it is assumed that if […]


As you know, November 14 (within a few days) will have what is called a “supermoon” and although I think I have explained (which it is), but not from the […]