The first thing is that you wonder, what the hell is quantum chromodynamics and why do you have to put a quantum surname on it to make it look interesting? […]

No, no aliens, no ghost, no magic or anything else. This is a natural event when on the upper layers of our atmosphere are fully with water cristal (common name: […]

Today all we know the death of Stephen Hawking and most people will reconoced him by his participation on Big Bang Theory TV serie, others by his know contribution to […]

Under this name, very generic, I am going to talk about a very interesting topic and, above all, statistics that is the distribution in physics. And it is that, when […]

Surely you have view the phases of the moon. You know, growing, waning, full moon, new moon. In all of them what we see is the light reflected from our […]

Today I want to comment on a very important physical concept from the mathematical point of view, the scalar field. A scalar field $latex \gamma (\overrightarrow{r})$ is just a function […]