Well, I read, a bit above the draft on the proposition that joins the laws of gravity with dark matter (as it is a subject that interests me), with which […]


I think I have not told anything about neutron stars and has reached the right time to do so. You know that there are many types of stars, in fact, […]

Sorry about, it's on spanish
Sorry about, it's on spanish

If you remember (especially me, because I start to doubt that I have spoken or not) tell you about statistical mechanics and today I want to talk about an important […]


As promised yesterday to a friend, I want to talk aboput entropy. Entropy is wrong for some and bad for others used due to old physic concept joke that says […]


Today I would like to talk about the holographic principle of physics. One thing that is neither the theory nor law principle is thus not yet been shown (which is […]


Today I want to talk to Minkowski space. Minkowski space comes to the fore by the “human” need to want to represent a world of four dimensions, ie, wanting to […]


Today I want to talk about the Schwarzschild metric. With this name so complicated Karl Schwarzschild, physical astronomer, he solved the equations of Einstein’s gravitational field (remember that are differential […]


Today I would like to tell you a different way of seeing things, physically speaking, that, well, heap up in other cases and, thus, help you to understand certain aspects […]


As I said the other day I want to talk a phenomenon that prepares you for when, later, I discuss the topic of black holes related to quantum mechanics: The […]