There is a maxim in physics (rather in science), a necessary basic axiom and is that under a reproducible experiment it must give the same value wherever (place) and whenever […]

Today, in a slightly more technical and, above all, mathematical, I want to talk about a problem that seems very simple and whose results, especially if you come from middle […]

After my thinking yesterday about If people, in the street, thinks about neutrinos, I realized that I have not talked about them and, that mistake, I have to remedy it […]

If I talk to you about the strong interaction force the other day, I want to tell you things about the weak interacting force (I know you do not care […]

Today, as a bonus of my comment of the day I am going to talk about “because when the water turns to ice the temperature rises”. And, as you know, […]

Today, in my leisure time, I want to talk about a very silly nonsense: the dimension of a base in algebra. This concept is well known by all because it […]


Yesterday, I think I was wrong, as always, I told you that I had talked about the Yarkovsky effect a long time ago and, although the principle I commented on […]