I love to know people, really. I love a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m an explorer and, because of this, I like to explore different cultures. I have been speaking […]

There is a perception of type I diabetics (like me) to be what is considered “crystal people”. A crystal person is one who breaks easily, and this definition comes from […]


have always indicated that as humans, we need the comfort of the familiar to fulfill ourselves and, above all, not to scare the new. When we see something we do […]

There’s two common things on Linkedin network that I true hate: Your profile photo Yes, I hate your profile photo. I hate your suit photo. You, yes you, you never […]

“20 dolars!. This is too much expensive”. That’s the sound you will ear, here, on Spain, when a medic talk to the goberment about this Diabetes type I fast test. […]

There’s one kind of people who takes photos and call himselfs photographer because they have a very big camera. There’s one kind of people who pays girls and take photos […]

These days I have found many blogs about a new movement of fat people as stupid as dedicated to say no to vaccines. This made me think about what assholes, […]