Precious image of Herbig-Haro 24. Herbig-Haro objects are gas clouds of newly formed stars. When the stars are just formed by gravity and pressure, part of their gas is expelled […]

In the constellation of the Swan (Cygnus for friends) is where the Tulip nebula or SH2-101 lives. A nebula cataloged in 1959 about 6500 light years from Earth and about […]

I have to admit that nebulas are one of the forms I like the most. It’s like seeing fluids of different densities, very close, mixing. It offers forms, due to […]

The Cone Nebula or NGC 2264 is one of the largest pillars of cosmic dust we have in our visible universe. As an area of high concentration of gas and […]

In the past (and even by many people) it has been thought that the universe was something static, something that did not change. The stars have always been there and […]

The E nebula or Barnard 142 nebula, an area of ​​cosmic dust that avoids light from the stars behind it is located in the constellation of the Eagle. About 2,000 […]


What you see is the Carina Nebula, also known as NGC 3372, 7500 light here and about 350 light-years across years. As you can see is composed of two types […]


The prospect may also offer some amazing images that do not correspond to reality. An example is the red rectangle nebula known as HD 44179 (for relatives). This nebula is […]


As you know (or not), the universe is always in a cycle of destruction creation, where, thanks to the dense and strong materials that make up (for example) the earth […]

Angel Nebula

Nebula Angel Mandel (MW2) is an “exceptional” case in our visible universe because its form is not only due to clouds of existing cosmic dust and 300 light years “long” […]