What you see is a panoramic taken by the Apollo 15 of the Moon. One of the missions that more Lunar material was brought to Earth (73 kilos). Going to […]


Strawberry Moon, so the name of this effect is seen in sunsets and sunrises with objects that are far away. They are explained by the effect of light rays entering […]


That man is bipedal gives us an advantage over many other species on Earth and not just the ability to have two free extremities but the ability to look up. […]


But as you know and I tell you, yesterday there was a major eclipse visible only in the southern hemisphere. To be exact, in French Polynesia. An eclipse is simply […]


We know or know or know there is a NASA project to put on the 2030, the first person on Mars. Luckily, before, we’ve been on other planets, shortly, but […]


Cobos, my former professor of Mechanics and Waves I would fill several boards to explain why the orbits are elliptical and as such, represent the minimum energy of an object […]


On the moon there is also a mountainous formation called the Alps, located near the crater Plato (or Plato, in English) in the northern hemisphere of the satellite. The lunar […]


Surely all of you have seen him and even people who says an old legend of: if the moon is halo is tomorrow going to be cold. The halo has […]


The beauty of this picture is not just the huge lenticular cloud red reflex by sunset, no. The nice thing about this photo is the moon and Venus clearly observed. […]