milky way

I will never finish marveling enough to observe, on clean nights, the sky and, always try to glimpse the Milky Way (or at least the axis of it). Almost 2 […]

My Milky Way's way

That you see are my first attempts at high-exposure night photography in order to draw the Milky Way. I must admit that at all, I am a good photographer and, […]


Since I am placed, I will tell you a little secret. (Very important what visible) visible universe is full of hydrogen. Hydrogen is the cornerstone of the universe. An atom […]


Although it may seem strange to many of us like to live or at least spend some time on the space station, not only because we like the space, but […]


I usually say something about “the sky”. But today, image will speak for himself.


I admit that I really like to put images of the Milky Way from Earth mainly because people do not look at the sky and see what we have on […]

Even if you do not believe it, see the Milky Way, our galaxy, or at least a part of it, it is very simple. What you will see, depending on […]