The universe gives us simply spectacular images. In this case an image of Mars where you can see mountain ranges and observe the flow of sand and various materials that […]


have always indicated that as humans, we need the comfort of the familiar to fulfill ourselves and, above all, not to scare the new. When we see something we do […]


Here are my current screensaver of my mobile, the Grand Canyon of Mars in all its splendor known as the Valles Marineris. A photo composed of more than 100 photos […]


On 10 March 2006 the MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) reached the orbit of Mars. And what is the mission or because of this probe was launched?, because deep appreciation for […]


What you see is a photo taken of the surface of Mars by the Mars Orbiter in 2008 and, although it seems that, apart from being very pretty, are abstract […]