One of the most beautiful things to see from space, apart from storms or auroras, is to see the Earth itself at night. Looking at the Earth at night offers […]

Yesterday I was asked a question about how the light is added or whether the light was able to add up in reference to if two lights are placed, the […]


I know there’s a lot to see on the sky but sometimes you must look around you to see how beautiful world is this.


How important is something we all sweat cock because we do not even notice and, being magufo, if we were able to control not only would make us feel better, […]


Light, we see every day (that good joke, I just … NO) and very few understand, in fact, I do not understand and science … this trying. Apart from the […]


This is not science fiction. This image is from a real dual stars 3 thousand light years away from here (so the image is 3000 years old from now). The […]

I like rainy days, yes, I like them. A rainy day it’s the best day for take some photos. Yes, of course, you will get wet but you will have […]

Photo from Andrew Dunn There’s an old enemy (or friend) that any photographer must know, the light. Light it’s the most important “thing” to think in a real photograph one. […]