Today I want to talk about the main sequence on stars. Although it sounds a little strange its name is the majority of the stars in the visible universe and […]


As you know (or not), the universe is always in a cycle of destruction creation, where, thanks to the dense and strong materials that make up (for example) the earth […]


On January 15 this picture is taken from the ISS (International Space Station) passing in front of Saturn from Dulmen in Germany. What few know it is that the ISS […]


Many people has always been speculation about life on Mars. And we know (from the Earth itself and where this life on our planet) that life tends to flourish and […]

The trip is to keep moving forward, to let go of the fear and the regret that slow us down and keep us from enjoying a journey that will be over too soon


In a very big room with nobody around me.

Have you ever remember a dream? It’s like flying.