Today, due to the announcement from NASA that we got yesterday about that there may be a possibility that water exists in Europe to be able to escape to the […]


I wanted to have left this for the July 4 (not the day of independence or bad movies of Martians), but the photo of the Juno probe to Jupiter approaching […]


Today I will talk about Jupiter and its dawn. Jupiter’s aurora is a bit more special than we have, on Earth and not because it is generated in the same […]

Jupiter red spot

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter continues to shrink in size. This curious meteorological phenomenon that brings us accompanying lifetime (since it takes seeing Jupiter and was) apparently is declining […]


The image you see is Jupiter’s satellite Europa taken by the Galileo for 8 years (yes, 8 years). A satellite / planet silicon compound and a ferrite core, mainly with […]


Three of the many satellites of Jupiter (there are some 60-odd numbered) in a photo taken by the Hubble: Io, Europa and Callisto. The curious thing about this picture is […]