What is Leo’s trio?. Well, that’s what you see in the image, a group of three galaxies called M66 about 40 million light years from here, that is, inside the […]

Last day, in my Facebook account, I placed an interesting article in the Physical Review Letters about the detection or improvement of detection of gravitational waves through the LIGO in […]

Of the four fundamental forces I have spoken to you these days I lacked the last, gravity. And is that gravity is the most interesting since it is the force […]


Well, I read, a bit above the draft on the proposition that joins the laws of gravity with dark matter (as it is a subject that interests me), with which […]


Sure you remember when I have said that the earth is round. Then, over time, they tell you is not round, but potato-shaped due to the rotation of the same. […]


While I discuss that gravity applies to all. There is a very interesting phenomenon called gravitational lensing where a fat mass, an enormous gravity can bend light. This can be […]


Stephan’s Quintet is a group of five galaxies about 300 million light years running a curious dance. Gravity is making, including and gravitationally, is running a slow dance that spins. […]