Precious image of Herbig-Haro 24. Herbig-Haro objects are gas clouds of newly formed stars. When the stars are just formed by gravity and pressure, part of their gas is expelled […]

What you see on the image is the NGC 7635, an emision nebula on the Casiopea constelation, a beautiful image. It’s 7 light years wide and show us the limits […]

If you have noticed, when I speak of elements in our universe I speak of galaxies, stars, nebulae … and then I give their definition or number of object. In […]


You can enjoy a game of the most personal forms. This is my example of Star Trek Online, where my Excelsior class ship orbits around a gigant gass planet and […]


Dust clouds Rho Ophiuchi in the constellation Ophiuchus are one of the closest to Earth. That is, knowingly and if you see the picture, you will see that is a […]


As on Earth we have the jet streams or jetstreams due to the rotation, the temperature of the winds, seas and solar incidence, in space there are “like” things. In […]


A 2500 light years is a star cluster called NGC 2264, also known as “the Christmas tree”. With around 40 stars, it is formed by ionized gas that gives us […]


Although you may not believe, what appears in the picture is dust. There is an area in the sky, called Barnand 68 where, within it there so much space dust […]