The universe is not a still picture, it is a gravity ballet. In this ballet everyone dances in the deformation of the fabric of space / time in a geometry […]

If you have noticed, when I speak of elements in our universe I speak of galaxies, stars, nebulae … and then I give their definition or number of object. In […]

What you see is the galaxy I Zwicky 18 located 60 million light years from our beloved solar system. A distance a little large because it is not in the […]

M81 by Ken Crawford LRGB+Ha
M81 by Ken Crawford LRGB+Ha

There are many so-called spiral galaxies, which are called so precisely because of its shape, spiral. The M81, in the image, is one of the most famous simply because it […]


In the picture you have the NGC 4631 galaxy known as the Whale and located about 30 million light years. Named for its shape (which, despite being a spiral galaxy […]


The galaxy NGC 2903 that you see in the image, is one of the most famous galaxies and known to amateur astronomers in the Northern Hemisphere because it is the […]


As on Earth we have the jet streams or jetstreams due to the rotation, the temperature of the winds, seas and solar incidence, in space there are “like” things. In […]


This is Meissner 64 (or M64), a textbook example of spiral galaxy. Also it is known as the “black eye” for its curious shape where the center, a super dense […]


The galaxy hat became very famous because it was the first Hubble image that was distributed. NGC 4594 is a typical lenticular galaxy (form) that is nothing more than a […]