Surely you have view the phases of the moon. You know, growing, waning, full moon, new moon. In all of them what we see is the light reflected from our […]


As I pointed out, William George Unruh, better known as, Bill Unruh is a little-known but quite important Canadian physicist, and now you will hear him much more because he, […]


Yesterday, I think I was wrong, as always, I told you that I had talked about the Yarkovsky effect a long time ago and, although the principle I commented on […]


Today I will talk about the Coriolis effect, that we all know by flushing the water but in the end, many do not know the reason for it. As the […]


And what you see in the picture is not a black and white ball held by two sticks but rather a practical demonstration of the Casimir effect. The Casimir Effect, […]