One of the most beautiful things to see from space, apart from storms or auroras, is to see the Earth itself at night. Looking at the Earth at night offers […]

No, no aliens, no ghost, no magic or anything else. This is a natural event when on the upper layers of our atmosphere are fully with water cristal (common name: […]

You know that I have a serious predilection for auroras and everything is because it is a very energetic, very close, very beautiful and that has always been believed something […]

What you see is the Explorer 1, a ballistic missile that inaugurated the space age to USA in 1958 (if I’m not mistaken). This missile was carrying instrumental for, among […]


Today is the spring equinox, where, physically speaking will be the day when the sun reaches the highest point. As you know, our orbit (the Earth) is an ellipse in […]


But as you know and I tell you, yesterday there was a major eclipse visible only in the southern hemisphere. To be exact, in French Polynesia. An eclipse is simply […]


When you think of beautiful things. Don’t forget Earth, Scott Kelly Day 311. When you think of beautiful things. Don't forget Earth. #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace — Scott Kelly […]


Sure you remember when I have said that the earth is round. Then, over time, they tell you is not round, but potato-shaped due to the rotation of the same. […]