What you see is the constellation of Pegasus and, most beautiful, all the cosmic dust cataloged as The MBM 54. Under this beautiful image what we observe is called molecular […]


The swirling sand, dust devils, vortices are generated when a hot gas at low altitude quickly rises through a bag of another (or the same) cold gas. That is, when […]


Dust clouds Rho Ophiuchi in the constellation Ophiuchus are one of the closest to Earth. That is, knowingly and if you see the picture, you will see that is a […]


The image you see is SN2016adj, a supernova that exploded recently in the Centauri A galaxy, known as NGC 5128. Although you may not believe, all eyes are on Earth […]


Other times I have spoken of cosmic dust. Cosmic dust is, as the name suggests, tiny particles of size 0.1 mm peak material expelled by stars (among other things). Mainly […]


The other day I speak of the dark clouds. These are but dust very dense compressed, so dense that can not see the stars behind. What you see are dark […]