What you see is the constellation of Pegasus and, most beautiful, all the cosmic dust cataloged as The MBM 54. Under this beautiful image what we observe is called molecular […]

This is very interesting because, according to a study published on June 23 on Nature about fluidomechanics (in fact it is called mechanical magneto) of the coronary ejections of the […]

Roll and shelf cloud

Surely all, sometime in our life, we have seen these clouds and we accompanied with a phrase of “petite storm will fall.” These clouds, called clouds roll or, for those […]


The man, as a human being, anything new or do not understand something your brain searches to help you recognize it as something known way to avoid fear. Comforted, always, […]


When I was young until it hated race electromagnetism. Even in the race itself, the subject that I did not much introduction for me love this facet of science. Fortunately, […]


Those that we have been a turning the meteorology as a science that studies the movement of gases in our atmosphere (a branch of physics) we always liked the mountains […]


The beauty of this picture is not just the huge lenticular cloud red reflex by sunset, no. The nice thing about this photo is the moon and Venus clearly observed. […]