Many people think that the aurora borealis can only be seen from the northern hemisphere and that is false. The aurora can be seen both in the northern hemisphere and […]

You know that I have a serious predilection for auroras and everything is because it is a very energetic, very close, very beautiful and that has always been believed something […]

Many people think that the Northern Lights only occur in the Northern Hemisphere. For that is false by pure and simple physics. All planets (or satellites) with “strong” magnetic field […]


Today I will talk about Jupiter and its dawn. Jupiter’s aurora is a bit more special than we have, on Earth and not because it is generated in the same […]


Whenever I say that auroras are a very common phenomenon in virtually any planet that has magnetic field. An example, Saturn with its rings (and auroras). That image (which is […]


I guess I always remember that usually talk about the aurora, but never speak to you color them. Quickly, auroras are caused by the Earth’s magnetic field (in our case) […]


I have talked a lot about the auroras, the phenomenon is due to the magnetosphere of a planet and radiation of our sun that makes energetic charged particles from the […]


I’m usually quite heavy with auroras (here known as the aurora borealis), phenomena of the planet’s magnetosphere (in our case the Earth) against the electrically charged particles from the sun. […]


Auroras, those effects of light in the upper layers of the atmosphere due to charged ions and moving by magnetism of the planet. The effect of the solar wind on […]