There is a meteorological phenomenon very fun, full of energy, called supercell. Supercells are thunderstorms in rotation. That is, a mixture between a storm and a tornado that gives us […]


The image that you see was sent by the Russian probe Venera 13 and it is the surface of Venus, taken in 1982. It is one of the few images […]

Roll and shelf cloud

Surely all, sometime in our life, we have seen these clouds and we accompanied with a phrase of “petite storm will fall.” These clouds, called clouds roll or, for those […]


Surely all of you have seen him and even people who says an old legend of: if the moon is halo is tomorrow going to be cold. The halo has […]


In Pluto, remember, it’s snowing methane. It has an atmosphere about 150 kilometers high and it’s so cold that the atmosphere is frozen, so that all the methane day flashes. […]