And old application witch I made for my current work is going to die because no one wants to give some food to them and I can’t do anything for […]

Developing (II)

There’s more life after iOS, so it was time to port it to a web application (remember it, web application is the future). So today, after 2 (maybe 3) hours, […]

A deal

Ok, that’s a deal. You do an iOS application and they will give you 4 extra days. Right?.

Same icon, more problems

Okay, we all know it was a stubbornness of the former president who came out for a pretty penny. In addition, both the application and its corresponding website a shit […]

Waiting for review

New times, new version, minor bugs reported, working fine, name changed… Download old version now!

That’s the status… waiting for review. How long it will take?… none knows.