Macmini i5 from 2011

For those who doesn’t know I have a home local server based in a Macmnini i5 2011 model. Enough for what I do and what I’m doing thanks that it’s […]

And old application witch I made for my current work is going to die because no one wants to give some food to them and I can’t do anything for […]

This is my blog and, because of that I’m in the mood to talk about personal things (not only what you usually see). So, it’s time to talk about something […]

This is what happen if you use iOS7 (beta 2 incluyed) for a time…

No more Apple

There’s a time when a man must do what a man must do. There’s a time where you must change your life. There’s a life where Apple must die… the […]

This is the way we must work… 2 monitors.

Nice. Now Apple is fast. The AppStore process is so fast. Time ago it will take two weeks or so, but now it seems to be three two days or […]