Web 2.0 is dead, the new ways to navigate it’s to create some kind of “visual navigation” like the video above. Link: Andreaslutz

And, the last for today is something that people who always make a blog need… some wordpress plugins for your ads. Because money it’s all, and you only think on […]

I’m not sure, but this day I will help designers to do his “photo jobs”… but, maybe they must begin learning how light works. But for now… some photoshop tutorials […]

Yes, designers and designers need icons for their web proyects. Icons are one of the most important resource for them so, it’s good to put it here. – Xiao icons […]

To have some social life is important for everyone. There’s something like “the sims” where sims have something called “social” bar who need to be refilled talking with others. Sometimes […]

Someone ask me about where are all the old post… well, nobody look at the top menu… but if you look there you will see “ye olde blog” where the […]

The title of this post is about one video who was very famous on internet and I think everybody have see it. But lot of people have do something interesting, […]

An explication about tactile problem. Maybe Apple must see this video 🙂