Maybe it’s because I have not sleep to much, maybe because here it’s monday-wednesday… but this morning when I got up from bed I began to think what I’m doing […]

I think you will recon this song in an ad. There’s the same style than the other group “Vampire Weekend”. It’s like some kind of new british pop with “more […]

Everyone knows (and if you don’t know you will know now) that this wordpress blog have a no very rare theme with a little changes (some shadows, some extras). Because […]

There’s places where you can have a look when you are stopped in a project. There are places to have a look. Link: Speckyboy

I hope some people I know do not watch these videos.

I like Family Guy… not sure why but I like it. Maybe because they have a stange sense of humor, a crazy one where you see the true that none […]