Room122 offers to all of us a collection of 20 free Ilustrator’s brushes. I know that too much people don’t like llustrator and prefeer “other software” like Freehand, a software […]

My Macmini is almost death. The hard drive is plenty of errors and problems, the processor is exhaust (an old G4), the ram is… well, 1 Gb and… well… it’s […]

Today, I was on my sofa with my laptop looking some podcast on my TV (with my AppleTV). But not great podcast, because if you see the directory from iTunes […]

Social icons

Here’s a small recompilation of, at least, 25 social icons… because it’s very useful to be social (or not, now I’m not sure about this) and have social icons in […]

Yes, that’s my new theory: god was drunken when created a human. Maybe that’s because we are so was designed. We are good and bad designed. Our origin is a […]

It’s a nice idea to use Google Translator when you find some web or when you want to talk to others and you don’t really know what are they talking […]