There’s one of the two Family Guy episodes where sing the “famous song”. I don’t remember the other well, only that it’s an episode where Chris began to be a […]

… Photoshop. I was one of they talk about a great photo. Yes, a great photo must not need to Photoshop, but after buying a camera of 99 euros (a […]

Ear this before go to bed… go to the world of pure imagination… Or this version… that, maybe it’s more… famous… And I like this more… But important… the original […]

Creativenerds show us a list of 50 Photoshop actions that will make your old fashioned photos look like new and brilliant ones. It’s nice to trow an eye to. Link: […]

Create a Grid in CSS

There’s some phases on a web designer. First you will begin to know what HTML is writing your first “hello world” on a basic text editor. Second, you use some […]

There’s a new mode in web creation. I’m not talking about Web 2.0, this insane kind of focus in the web style that no one know what really is… because… […]