Horizontal web

When you think on doing a web you always thing in a vertical storyboard because webpages and navigators see things on vertical. But it’s nice to see in a horizontal […]

Yes, forms is always the nightmare of designers… they usually think how to make a beautiful webpages but, when their encounter a form all his design go to hell. So […]

Use the most appropriate typographies in your work is one of the most important job that you must do before begin a project. Why?, easy, typography is what the user […]

There’s one of the two Family Guy episodes where sing the “famous song”. I don’t remember the other well, only that it’s an episode where Chris began to be a […]

… Photoshop. I was one of they talk about a great photo. Yes, a great photo must not need to Photoshop, but after buying a camera of 99 euros (a […]