This is today’s word. Back pain. I have it every day, every night. It usually go out after some relax, some soothing and some work. Because been on a chair […]

This is a bad test of Cooliris, like one person ask to me. It will take the photos from my photoblog… but it takes for ever… bad and slow connection, […]

I have do a little playlist with the music for this end of year. This year will be more chill out music, so I take all disk from Hôtel Costes […]

Life changes everytime. People who hate you sometimes may need you. So they come to you like lambs. Because one time they need you. Life changes everytime. The more you […]

There’s lot kind of people in this world but I will refer two. Today one thing that I wanted, people must think that one project, one web page that help […]