When you know that you become some famous? when your site is plenty of spam.

Photo from Andrew Dunn There’s an old enemy (or friend) that any photographer must know, the light. Light it’s the most important “thing” to think in a real photograph one. […]

A small video who photographs must see to talk about a photo session with coherence and with one (or more) clothes changes. But of course I must not know anything […]

These days I work in a podcast/tutorial about OSX Server. Ok, I haven’t post here because are in spanish and I’m the worst podcaster of the world, but I think […]

I know that I’m not the only who hasn’t imagination, but at least I know a little CSS for do some tricks to my WordPress Theme. But for the others, […]

A boss must know when it’s time to cry and when it’s time to thank. A good boss must know that in his work there’s not friends. When you are […]