Yes, this is what it happens at my work.. there’s no explanation. Someone tell me that it have a great solution but it never comes, so it’s unexplicable. Everyday the […]

Yes, there’s. Today is Day i… i from iTunes U. My job is now on iTunes U after several months of work, cry, shout people and too many times to […]

For those people of my work who thinks that this is a real history… well… it’s an old viral and you must think that everything who it’s show on television […]

This friday I have a multi conference with Apple about the iTunes U project of my work, and, if one of these are looking this blog I do things in […]

This is a fast publication that I have made last friday… I do it only in one day and because of this is a real real shit.

Yes, that’s enough. Enough of working with people that doesn’t want to work. Enough for taking care of everybody without sense. Enough for earring people talk about their stupid life. […]

Maybe it’s because I have not sleep to much, maybe because here it’s monday-wednesday… but this morning when I got up from bed I began to think what I’m doing […]

I hope some people I know do not watch these videos.

Use the most appropriate typographies in your work is one of the most important job that you must do before begin a project. Why?, easy, typography is what the user […]