Float in space now seems easy, but you have to remember some other things. First it is that the astronauts, “out there” are in microgravity, ie practically (indeed for them) […]


Today I want to talk about JWST, so with that name will not sound, nor with the James Webb Space Telescope, which, even expanding the letters ye shall have stayed […]


have always indicated that as humans, we need the comfort of the familiar to fulfill ourselves and, above all, not to scare the new. When we see something we do […]


I wanted to have left this for the July 4 (not the day of independence or bad movies of Martians), but the photo of the Juno probe to Jupiter approaching […]


Today I will talk about one thing that nobody notices and few people think when they see science fiction movies and is about the links between vehicles. Although I told […]


Although we now have the ISS, the International Space Station, remember a time when I was not alone but shared the heavens not only with many satellites, but with the […]