How did we, tiny creatures living on that speck of dust, ever manage to figure out how to send spacecraft out among the stars of the Milky Way? Only a […]

In the past (and even by many people) it has been thought that the universe was something static, something that did not change. The stars have always been there and […]

I’m not going to get into the stupidity that many wield when they see condensation wakes produced by the planes in the sky and if I’m going to get into […]

You know that I have a serious predilection for auroras and everything is because it is a very energetic, very close, very beautiful and that has always been believed something […]

Lately there is much talk about the problems of sugar-based foods, there are Taliban (yes, Taliban) who remove breast indicating that they have “stopped” from eating sugar and are much […]

Today I want to comment on a process that happens on the earth and is very interesting, the so-called Hadley cell. The Hadley cell is the set of convection currents […]


As promised, so today I will talk about the so-called “habitable zone”. The habitable zone or habitable zone is an area around any star where it is assumed that if […]