Quantum Physics


Today I’ll tell you a funny stupidity, the Bohr radius. Although it may not have much to do with physics, quantum physics, the Planck constant and, above all, the distance […]


I promised long ago that I would talk about something very exotic, antiparticles. And is that you will remember (and if not, to me anyway) that day I put beatings […]


Today I will talk about something that for some is magic but it really is so simple and easy that once explained, you’ll laugh a lot. I will talk about […]


I think now is the day on which shred the magufos and you remove a load off explaining, briefly, a word which many have fear and respect: quantum. Quantum mechanics […]


“Adore Planck’s constant as if it were a new god,” I think that’s what I heard when I was studying or at least, I would have imagined. In quantum mechanics […]


And what you see in the picture is not a black and white ball held by two sticks but rather a practical demonstration of the Casimir effect. The Casimir Effect, […]

This morning as I becomes a person with my first dose of coffee, I have been pleasantly surprised to see the news (the news, come on) and observe information 10 […]

Today I will talk about a fictitious particles called phonons. Phonons themselves are not particles do not exist, something virtual. It is far more than a wave, the vibration of […]