Quantum Physics

As I have told you many times, a physicist, at present time, is a kind of shaman who, through mathematics interprets nature. That is, a physicist is a person who […]

First of all, and first, indicate that I am not an expert in crystallography, which, in this case, has much to say and not just because they are crystals. That […]

After my thinking yesterday about If people, in the street, thinks about neutrinos, I realized that I have not talked about them and, that mistake, I have to remedy it […]

Today I want to talk a little about another of the fundamental forces of nature, the electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force is that which occurs between particles with electric charge. […]

These days I have been talking about two of the four fundamental forces of nature and, because of this, I speak of particles that make… everything. Maybe that’s why I […]

If I talk to you about the strong interaction force the other day, I want to tell you things about the weak interacting force (I know you do not care […]

There are four forces that physicists call fundamental in the world: gravity, electromagnetic force, weak force, and strong or nuclear force. Today I want to talk a little about this […]

Today I want to talk about something that, I’ve been spinning all night about how to explain it, the quantum entanglement. Particularly you have heard many explanations about it, the […]

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I admit that lately, in my “Monologues physics” I is doing the pot explaining rather more complex and liosas what may interest you to things, so I’ll try to join […]


For in the end I have relocated to write and in fact, this will be completed if the machine becomes me to hang. Let that maybe it pilláis in the […]