Quantum Physics

The first thing is that you wonder, what the hell is quantum chromodynamics and why do you have to put a quantum surname on it to make it look interesting? […]

Surely many will know or at least have heard the principle of exclusion of Pauli. Yes, that which says that “two identical particles can not simultaneously occupy the same state” […]

Today I want to talk about one of the bases of quantum mechanics or one of the demonstrations of the existence of such a mechanism is the Compton effect. Arthur […]

Today I found myself with this very interesting physical concept that is complicated and easy to understand (like everything in physics), reotrocausality. The retrocausality, which should go against thermodynamics, indicates […]

Today I want to talk about a branch of physics with little life (let’s take a little time) and is gaining a lot of importance, quantum thermodynamics. But fist, I’m […]

Today, some media (sorry, spanish one), in small and without disturbing anyone, tell us that at Washington State University they have succeeded in creating a “negative mass”. But what is […]