Three of the many satellites of Jupiter (there are some 60-odd numbered) in a photo taken by the Hubble: Io, Europa and Callisto. The curious thing about this picture is […]

Even if you do not believe it, see the Milky Way, our galaxy, or at least a part of it, it is very simple. What you will see, depending on […]


The cosmic dance of two black holes, that’s exactly the image you see. Obviously, a black hole is not seen as not reflecting light (we were all down except radiation […]


Kepler-452b, the “biggest” Earth brother. NASA has identified the planet “more similar” to our Earth thanks to the Kepler telescope. That yes, a little far away, about 1400 light years […]


Auroras, those effects of light in the upper layers of the atmosphere due to charged ions and moving by magnetism of the planet. The effect of the solar wind on […]


Despite appearances is not pulling Photoshop composition but a pretty picture with the moon and discovered comet C / 2014 Q1 (PanSTARRS) absolutely nothing (1 year). Said kite is visible […]

Today I will talk about a fictitious particles called phonons. Phonons themselves are not particles do not exist, something virtual. It is far more than a wave, the vibration of […]


This is not science fiction. This image is from a real dual stars 3 thousand light years away from here (so the image is 3000 years old from now). The […]