Size matters, says. For those who think their world is very important and that they are the center of the universe, to compare the size of the Earth to the […]


This figure, which does not understand and I give a round cucumber is much more important than we may think. This is the graph of the sensors of the Voyager […]


In Pluto, remember, it’s snowing methane. It has an atmosphere about 150 kilometers high and it’s so cold that the atmosphere is frozen, so that all the methane day flashes. […]


I usually say something about “the sky”. But today, image will speak for himself.

Puppis A (which you see in the picture) was a supernova that is 7000 years light exploded here and 10 thousand years now, 3500 years ago in light of its […]


It’s been “a long time” with no news which is one of the greatest feats of the ESA (European Space Agency) to send a probe to the Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Exactly, that […]

At 600 million light years is Cygnus A, known to be one of the issuers of our strongest X-ray sky. In the picture, what you see is a composite of […]

What you see is the W33 nebula. A newly formed nebula whose most notable thing are these yellow balls. The W33 is a region of star formation about 13mil light […]


Andromeda. The closest to our galaxy and star of Star Trek Online to have a Dyson sphere where Iconians moved to rebuild its fleet. Galaxy called M31 for friends. It […]


This image is not science fiction or computer or anything similar is created. This image is a region of the Sun, where hydrogen magnetic tubes that give that particular look […]